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Director-Producer-Editor: Ryan Moloney


Picnicking Through Purgatory (and other things to do at night)

Two EMTs spend twelve hours of their evening wandering, loitering, and even going on a few calls

Director/Producer/Editor: Ryan Moloney

Cinematography: Justin Drobinski

Writer: Alex Burnett

Story: Alex Burnett & Ryan Moloney

Featuring: Alex Burnett, Frank Gervasi

Awards: 2009 Redstone Film Festival, 3rd Place (Boston, USA)

              2011 Glasgow Film Festival, Official Selection (Glasgow, Scotland)

Photographed on Location in: New York, USA (2009)


In this chilling short, a man's night is haunted by his past.


Produced in collaboration with Justin Drobinski, Shawn Quirk, and Danielle Barbieri


Directors: Ryan Moloney & Shawn Quirk

Producer: Danielle Barbieri

Director of Photography: Justin Drobinski

Featuring: Donald Foley, Danielle Barbieri

Awards: Screened in Exhibition at the 2009 Spokane International Film Festival Spokane, USA)

              Audience Award at the 2008 Nor'Easter Film Festival (Boston, USA)

Photographed on Location in: Boston, USA (2008)